April 21, 2021 | Featured on Massive Science

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CAMBRIDGE, Wednesday April 21 2021 — bit.bio is featured on Massive Science in a piece on how our technology is being used by cultured meat company Meatable. It features bit.bio scientist Dr Anne Claire Guenantin talking about her background, the bit.bio team that works on Meatable’s porcine cells and our collaboration with Meatable.

opti-ox™ was first developed to create an unlimited and consistent supply of human cells but early on, its potential for the clean meat industry caught the eye of Daan Luining, the founder of Dutch-based food tech startup Meatable. The great challenge for them was transforming these animal stem cells into something consumers could eat.


bit.bio scientists cultured meat

The team, from left to right: Anne-Claire Guenantin, Madeleine Garrett, Patrick Thomas, and Sara Gomes.




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