Advances in cellular reprogramming: from stem cells to printed tissues

Prof Hagan Bayley, University of Oxford & Dr Mark Kotter, Founder & CEO bit.bio

Haygan Bayley Webinar Video
A scalable technology platform capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell has the potential to unlock a new generation of medicine: it will enable research and drug discovery to move on from inappropriate models and work with the cells that actually are affected by human disease.


This webinar discusses

  1. Today’s challenges in CNS research, disease modelling and drug discovery: limited access to reliable human models.
  2. How a novel cellular reprogramming technology, opti-ox™, resolves the inconsistency of cellular reprogramming and enables the precise, consistent, and scalable production of human cells.
  3. The fabrication of synthetic, printed and hybrid materials, and their applications.


  • Prof Hagan Bayley | University of Oxford
  • Dr Mark Kotter | Founder & CEO bit.bio

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