Human-Induced Skeletal Myocytes

Product in Development – Available for beta testing

ioMYOCYTES/skeletal cells have been reprogrammed from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) using our precise reprogramming technology: opti-ox¹ (optimized inducible overexpression). Human stem cells, within days, convert into consistent, mature and functional multi-nuclear  myocytes. myocytes are ready-to-culture for research use. They are suitable as models for research in cell-type specific biology, target validation and high throughput drug screening. Further applications include functional and general toxicity assays.

Our myocytes are pure, easy to culture and ready for use without requiring cumbersome cell culture work.

Unprecedented batch-to-batch consistency allows the use of skeletal myocytes in demanding screening applications where small changes need to be detected against background noise.

¹ Pawlowski et al., Stem Cell Report 2017


– Highly defined and well characterized
– Mature multinucleated cells
– Fast maturation
– Easy culturing

Product applications:

– Academic research
– Drug development
– High-throughput screening
– Genetic screening (e.g. CRISPR screening)
– Contraction assays

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ioMYOCYTES/skeletal express skeletal myocyte-specific markers

Immunofluorescence staining at day 10 post revival demonstrates robust expression of components of the contractile apparatus such as Desmin (A), Dystrophin (B), and Myosin Heavy Chain (C), along with the muscle transcription factor Myogenin (C). Cells also demonstrate expression of Troponin with visible striated fibres and multinucleation (D).

ioMYOCYTES/skeletal after revival over the course of the first 10 days

Day 1 to 10 post-thawing; 400X magnification; scale bar: 100µm

Product Information

Catalogue number: 730002 Manufacture site: United Kingdom Sizes: Small & Large Product use: These cells are for research use only. It is not approved for human or animal use, or for application in in vitro diagnostic procedures Storage: Upon receiving, directly and immediately transfer the cells from dry ice to liquid nitrogen and keep the cells in liquid nitrogen until they are needed for experiments. Shipping info: Dry Ice Note: Limited Use License | Statement of Use

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